Why Filipinos love to Eat? We just love it!

Gourmet Bangus In Corn OilWhy Filipinos love to Eat: We just love it. We have breakfast, meryenda, brunch, lunch, late lunch, another meryenda, dinner, and midnight snacks. Filipinos always find reasons to eat. regardless of social status or standing. we eat.

We Filipinos love to eat, we have a lot of social occasions were we exhibit foods. We all join together, eating, creating happy memories together. we enjoy small talks to all-nights movie marathons with food besides us. No matter where we are we find food we want to taste. Creating various opportunities for Smalltime entrepreneurs to make business. 

We Filipinos eat, especially our all-time favorites like Tuyo and Tinapa. Just from simple frying or more exquisite taste Gourmet Tuyo and Gourmet Tinapa top on rice.  We love it.

We Filipinos may not notice it but we have a deep culture on foods. Variety of traditions of food preparation. Regardless we aren’t picky eaters. We enjoy food very much.

There is this one shop that I enjoy “My Aim’s Kitchen” a local store located in Santiago City. My Aim’s Kitchen offers various food products like Gourmet Tuyo, Gourmet Dilis, Gourmet Tinapa, Gourmet Pusit, Condiments like Crispy Garlic and Chili Garlic in Canola oil and sweet Yema Spread.

We Filipinos want to eat, we eat, eat and eat. We appreciate food not just with our stomach but with our hearts.

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