Tuyo the natural product!

gourmet tuyo in corn oilTuyo the natural product that retains the antioxidants and omega-3 benefits of fresh fish, while constituting healthy and widely available food for people. Fish helps to mitigate the occurrence of heart attacks and keeps the body’s circulation functioning well.

Tuyo the natural product is rich in protein. Protein is a key source of antibodies and enzymes for all living beings. It makes up an essential part of muscles, hair and other bodily components. Tuyo provides an excellent source of protein with fewer calories than other foods such as beef. One hundred grams of Tuyo contains about 80 percent protein with 300 calories, while beef has more than twice the calories with far less protein. This profile makes dried fish a compelling purchase for those looking to increase their intake of healthy food.

Tuyo contains little salt or cholesterol while being high in essential vitamins and minerals. It also is low in saturated fat, which is known to worsen or cause heart and blood-pressure problems. Tuyo is able to legitimately claim the health benefits of their products. As awareness of obesity, diabetes and heart disease continues to increase, the demand for dried fish will increase as well.

My Aim’s Kitchen has GOURMET TUYO IN CORN OIL gives health benefits and satisfy your stomach.

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