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Top Grosser InvesTourTop Grosser InvesTOUR: Santiago City Tourism Week Celebration

Top Grosser “InvesTour: Santiago City Tourism Week” celebration awards Micro Small Medium Enterprise week who join in this event. It was last September 24-30 of the year 2019. The different locally made products were up for exhibit to local producers and consumers. With this manufacturers promote their own authentic goods at the Center Atrium located at Robinsons Place Santiago.

More than 20 Micro Small Medium Enterprise join and participated in the exhibit. A week-long showcase of locally made products and delicacies were shown. People were captivated by-product’s delightful taste. MSME put up captivating booth designs for people to see and buy products.

Luckily, My Aim’s Kitchen had the most number of sales. 298 pcs./ bottles were sold bound to Pampanga City, Bacolod City Visayas, and Negros Occidental during this week-long period. This created a sale of 6 digit figure boosting the business. The City Mayor of Santiago City, City Mayor Hon. Joseph Salvador Tan personally awarded the winning Participant. It was last October 14, 2019, at the Bulwagan ng Mamamayan where they have recognized the outstanding efforts of MSMEs.

InvesTOUR: Santiago City Tourism Week Celebration, one of the priority projects of the City Government of Santiago in cooperation with the Department of Tourism.  They have shared the vision of empowering communities, local industries, and Filipinos through the promotion of tourism.


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