How to Sell your Product? What I Did!

How-to-Sell-your-Product-What-I-Did!How to Sell your Product? What I Did!

“The most important thing is a hungry market. Not a brilliant burger.” – Gary Halbert

Legendary direct mail response copywriter Gary Halbert points out that the most important thing that determines the success of a campaign (he sold products via mail) is not the brilliance of the product itself, but rather, if you’re able to identify a hungry market who is already looking for the type of product you’re selling.

Think about it.

We might think we can create a better burger than McDonalds (I know most of us seriously can). Does this mean we will be as successful?

Probably not.

And here’s why: McDonald’s’ success was not the result of the taste of their burgers.

Rather, they were successful because they found a huge demand for cheap food that can be served very quickly.

That was their market. People looking to buy cheap, fast food.

Figuring out and identifying your target market is perhaps the most important step in validating a business idea.

Why the need to validate a business idea in the first place, you ask?

Well, without it, you’re basically throwing a hail mary pass—launching a product or opening a business simply because you can—without necessarily knowing if people will be there to buy it.

How to Sell your Product? What I Did! I join and do this.

Some people love hanging out on Food Expos and sampling the products? So do I! On a serious note, if you have a great food product, expos are a fun way of showcasing them and attracting potential re-sellers and buyers.

Not to mention, it can provide you with first-hand feedback from customers to help you adjust and improve your product.

You see them almost everywhere, especially around the Christmas season. Why? Because bazaars are chock-full of interesting stuff that you don’t easily find in malls. And it’s usually cheaper!

Bottom line is, Bazaars are pretty popular. If you have stuff you want to dispose of or simply interested in some weekend buy and sell, simply register and set up shop. Or you can organize it yourself!

My Aim’s Kitchen did this and boom we are gradually increasing our market and sales.




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