My Aim’s Kitchen is a food manufacturing business producing INNOVATIVE healthy process food by using all-natural preservative-free ingredients, and herbs.

My Aim’s Kitchen ENVISIONS in catering all classification of customers from class A to D over Cagayan Valleys, and nearby provinces in the Philippines and other countries. My Aim’s Kitchen promotes to produced healthy process food for every Pilipino because the health of customers is their vital business.

In March 2018 the first product of My Aim’s Kitchen was launched in the market, the Chili Garlic in Canola Oil. During the flagship of My Aim’s Kitchen last June 2018 they have also introduced in the market the Gourmet Tuyo in Corn Oil, Gourmet Pusit in Corn Oil, Yema Spread and developed the Chili Garlic Oil with herbs. August 2018 My Aim’s Kitchen Food Manufacturing collaborated with different business partners to produce healthier quality food products for every Pilipino. We continuously develops its products by using herbs, natural preservative-free ingredients, as their Advocacy.

We are about Innovating traditional processes but maintain quality and satisfaction for the customers. The BOLD and VISIONARY owner does not only want to deliver preservative-free food in the market and into your table but also allow you to make business, and for those ENTREPRENEURIAL minds who want to share the our business. My Aim’s Kitchen Surprisingly offers people a chance to retail its products.

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